We are a nationwide non-profit organization that works kind of like Goodwill or The Salvation Army. Basically, we will auction off your storage unit contents and donate the proceeds to The Salvation Army or a charity of your choosing. We will also ensure that the winner of the auction will cleanout your storage unit as soon as possible. This will save you from paying any more monthly rental fees to the storage facility.

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How It Works:

Step 1: Send us Pictures

You will send us pictures of the items in your storage unit so we can use them for our auction.

Step 2: We Auction for Your Storage Unit

We will hold an auction for the items in your storage unit either online or in-person. We have a nationwide network of stoarge unit flippers that we can call to buy your items.

Step 3: Charity Donation

After covering our operational costs, the remaining revenue is donated to The Salvation Army or a charity of your choice.

Step 4: Project Management

We coordinate with the winner of the auction to make sure that they fully cleanout your unit within a reasonable time-frame. At the end of the day, the buyer will essentially perform a free donation pickup from your storage unit.

Why Choose Us?

It’s Free: Our service is completely free while our competitors charge anywhere from $600-$1,200 on average. We cover all costs through the resale of the items in the unit, making it a win-win situation for everyone involved.
Eco-Friendly Disposal: Any items that are not sold are recycled, and as a last resort disposed of responsibly. Our goal is to have as little environmental impact as possible.
Support Charities: Your cleanout will help support charitable causes like The Salvation Army.
Nationwide Coverage: We have representatives nationwide that are experts in conducting storage unit auctions. Even if we don’t have a representative in your area currently, we can always hold your auction online.

What if the Items in My Unit Are Not Valuable?

No problem, we can still cleanout your unit. The only difference is that we may need to charge you a small fee to cover our operational expenses.

So What Are You Waiting For?

Call (855) 709-8390 now to donate storage unit contents and make a positive impact!